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Liisa threaded her first beading needle back in 1994. Beading as a hobby she went on to become a massage therapist, esthetician, and got her nursing degree in Finland. But in 2006 beads wove her back in. Since then she has spent her time fully submerged in beads! She has been working professionally as a designer and teacher since 2006. Liisa has taught at the Bead & Button shows and Bead Fest shows. Along with beads her other major obsession is with cats. Often volunteering in her local shelter and fostering kittens! Cats have been her biggest inspiration in her designing process. And just like cats, her designs are known for being classic, ageless, and graceful....
With a few hairballs thrown into the mix.

Liisa was named one of Beadwork magazine's Designer of the Year in 2014.

Liisa Turunen

Aleksandra Sydorenko

In my interview with the US magazine Bead Design Studio I said, “I feel as if beautiful things can only be made in a positive state of mind, and only then will they make others happy. Always work from the heart.” And that couldn’t be more true. My relationship with beads has lasted nearly my entire life. I started beading when I was six years old, and since then my love for beading has been growing more and more. I consider my beaded rebirth as a bead jewelry designer to have begun in 2009, when I learned how to combine seed beads and semi-precious stones. Starting in 2010, I began entering and winning some contests and competitions, which simultaneously encouraged and challenged me to develop my craft. I found that I enjoy teaching others to bead, and over the past few years I have accumulated publications in various national and international magazines and books. Currently I am teaching at various bead stores and bead societies, and I have been accepted to teach two of my classes at the Bead and Button Show 2016. 

The most frequent question I get is what was my inspiration for a particular piece? At first I thought the answer was simple, as most of my pieces were inspired by nature. But with time I understood that my sources of inspiration range from music to architecture, from the colors in famous paintings to emotions. Very often it is also the case that I am simply and deeply inspired by the unique designs of the cabochons I work with. So, when I am now asked about my inspiration, I say that it’s the manifestation of life in all of its various forms.

In my work I always strive to select the highest quality materials. Some of the combinations may seem odd and unexpected, but I take care to merge the shapes, colors, and textures that will best express my ideas. I work with the smallest seed beads, fine semi-precious stones, gorgeous Swarovski crystals, all-natural leather, silks, soutache, gold and silver wires, and so on. I am also always open-minded to using new items and to introducing into beading elements from other crafts which I have experience with.


I believe that women and men express themselves in many ways; one of the most fun and unique being the type of jewelry that they use to adorn themselves!

I have crafted in almost every medium for years, but once I found metal and wire, that was it for me. I find it fascinating that with a few twists of your hand you can create something beautiful, wearable and unique. I use beads as accents to add color to my creations, but you will find that my metal creations are primarily... metal, lots of texture and movement and deep oxidation are themes throughout my jewelry.

Over the last 4 years I have added enameling  to my list of most loved techniques. The range of colors just brighten my day!

Each item in my shop is handcrafted with love and excitement.  Please let me know if I can answer any questions or if you are interested in a commission piece to your specifications.

As well as designing and making jewelry I travel and teach a wide variety of jewelry techniques.  I love, love, love teaching!  Sharing with other enthusiastic, jewelry loving people is always a joy!

Debora Lester Mauser

Erin Simonetti

Erin Simonetti has been weaving beads on a bead loom, for over 40 years. Her methods are unique and create a means of managing warps, effortless. Each design created, is handled so the creativity is forefront.

Her Beginner Bead Loom Classes are held only few times per year, but are necessary to get involved with any of her future ‘one day’ bead loom classes. The Beginner Bead Loom Class is held for two days, two consecutive Saturdays. Every aspect of this oldest form of bead weaving, is instructed. Starting with the loom construction, threads, needles, warping, wefting right through to the edging and her unique warp management methods. One day classes include various other forms of warp management.

Beyond her teachings, comes a detailed pattern that looks like ‘bead painting’. 

Please consider meeting Erin and experiencing a new look at the bead loom. Her first ‘Beginner Bead Loom Class’, at Burke Gems and Beads, is being held on SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 17th & 24TH, 11:00am until 4:00 pm, each day.

Nadya Gerber

Nadya was born in Russia, now she lives in Germany. Seed Beads are her obsession.  It's always a miracle when out of tiny beads  a unique jewelry is created: a necklace, a pendant, a bracelet.

Each piece is one-of-a-kind.

She has a permanent collections:  Women’s Fate, The Colors of Nature, Steampunk, Let’s go to Europe, High-Tech

She uses stones with  rare pattern, painted miniatures, Swarovski crystals, lampworks, clockworks.


Bead Society of Great Britain. Journal 117 Autumn/Winter 2014. Jennifer’s Coloumn “Battle of the Beadsmith 2014”

Perlen Poesie Magazine Issue 20. 2014  Interwiew «She dances with Wolves»

April 2013 Interview  «Combining Weaving And Embroidery»

Perlen Poesie Magazine Issue 21. Instruction «Predator»

Bead instructions in Fashion Magazine Nr. 6-7/2012 Nr.10, 11, 12 /2014

Bead Awards

2015- «Dreams of Japan Necklace» Winner of the „Battle of the Beadsmith” on FB.

2015- Handbag «Amsterdam, Van Gogh. Irises».Winner (5 Place) of  International Bead Awards (Perlen Poesie Magazine, Hamburg, Germany).


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