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Wheels, wheels, and more wheels! We have Cartwheels, Inner tubes, Hubcaps and more. Smooth wheels, spiky wheels, and crystals wheels, galore. Learn five different components and a beaded clasp, as well as methods to connect the components. Then you can either match the original asymmetrical arrangement, or let your imagination roll free and mix it up. On their own, these components can be used as pendants, earrings, or bracelet focals. And everyone needs a beaded clasp or two for those special items where an ordinary premade clasp just won’t do. Students will learn to embellish bezeled crystals and how to connect them. Some pre-work is required.

Kits will be available in many colors.


Date: Tuesday, May 9th & 16th 2023

Time: 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Instructor: Kathy Luli

Cost: $90

KIT PRICE: TBA (kit required) plus shipping. Kit will be mailed to you by the designer. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery to U.S. and for you to accomplish your pre-work.

Tuesday, May 9th & 16th: Wagon Wheels Zoom, Kathy Luli

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