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This necklace features 3 bezeled luna cabochons connected by feminine swags of varied seed and rizo beads. The bezels, though appearing complex, utilize a short-cut technique provided by using peanut beads in an innovative way. Also learn to make intricately textured beadwork using an array of beads per stitch using Polygon stitch, a little known and under-appreciated amazing bead stitch. Carol's affinity for sexy dangles at the back can be realized now that Carol's dreadlocks are gone. Appreciate the unique qualities of peanut beads as they inform the chain, swags and bezels in this piece. Can be designed to be reversible, as backside of cabs are silver.

Date: Sunday, September 22ng

Timw: 11:00am - 6:00pm
Intermediate level. 
Instructor: Carol Cypher

Material Costs Extra. Payable at class

Sunday, September 22ng: Luna Lights Necklace

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