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Lia Dipaola, lives in Rome, lover of creativity, started playing with beads as a child, until moving on to sequin embroidery for a t-shirt factory. Over the years she has experimented with other embroidery techniques, from cross stitch to high fashion embroidery with Luneville crochet, then she took decoupage and scrapbooking class which have become her second passion, she loves personalizing packaging, photo albums and greeting cards congratulations. She is passionate about travel, cooking and books. For almost 20 years, as a self-taught woman, she began making bead weaving jewelery and became passionate about it, so much so that today she creates projects designed by her in which crystals must never be missing, she loves them, they give the touch of light that a jewel elegant must have.
At her request, she teaches the various techniques both online and in person. She has participated in various international events, including the Beadsmith competition which every year gives artists from all over the world the opportunity to test themselves by creating true masterpieces

Date: Saturday, June 29th 2024 

Time: 10 AM - 4 PM

Instructor: Lia Dipaola

Cost: $90 Class fees are not refundable.

Kit: TBA (Kit is requered) Materials will be mailed to you. If being mailed, be sure to allow 5-7 days for delivery. International students please contact the store to arrange shipment of the kit. Please allow at list 2 weeks time before the class.

Saturday, June 29th 2024: Arabesque Necklace, Lia Dipaola ZOOM

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