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Create a beautiful round-shaped centerpiece using seed beads, cup chain and fringe. Then use your imagination with Shrinketts to create colorful circles orbiting around your sphere. Use crystal flat backs to accent your Shrinkett pieces. The result is an adorable necklace with a look unique to your color sense.
Stitches: brick stitch, basic right angle weave, peyote stitch for clasp (optional).

Date: Saturday, January 12th
Time: 10:00am -4:00pm
Instructor: Amy Katz
Kit: $100.00
Level: Intermediate

Saturday, January 12th: From Another Planet

  • To Bring (unless noted that I will supply it)

    6 plus Bright colored pencils

    1 black colored pencil

    1 black medium size Sharpee

    Pencil sharpener

    1/16 inch hole punch (I will supply)

    Scissor to cut plastics

    Fireline 6lb test

    Size 12 beading needles

    MagnificationLighting source

    Bead mat

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