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Can you feel the presence of something magical? Forest hides many secrets, those wandering lights and songs of unusual birds will bring you into the world of ancient creatures...
Elven pendant was inspired by elfs, their costumes and beautiful cities that we can imagine from Lord of the Rings. Sparkly crystals that symbolize shiny armor and dark background for royal clothing..
Complex design in beadweaving and bead embroidery techniques is made to inspire your imagination and create fairy themed jewelry that will look perfect in everyday life. Many tips and small creative details will make your beading vocabulary even wider. 


Date: Saturday, February 5th & Sun 6th

Time: 10 AM - 5 PM

Instructor:Apollinariya Koprivnik

Cost: $150

Kit: TBA (Kit is requered) Materials may be picked up at the store or can be mailed to you. If being mailed, be sure to allow 5-7 days for delivery. International students please contact the store to arrange shipment of the kit. Please allow at list 2 weeks time before the class.

Saturday, February 5th & Sun 6th: Elven Pendant Zoom

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