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The ‘Winter at Creative Castle’ necklace is the companion to my ‘Fall at Blanches’. I have been teaching classes every winter at Creative Castle in California since 2013. The necklace features three different main components attached to ‘Pine Branch’ sections; 1- Pine Cone, 2- Star/Snowflake, 3- Berry Section. Stitches used: Tubular Herringbone, Peyote Stitch. Pine Cones and Star/Snowflake components can be used as independent pendants also.
Required: Basic Knowledge of Odd- & Even Count Peyote Stitch Technique & Basic Knowledge of Herringbone Stitch Technique
Level: Intermediate to Advanced


Call to Register


Date: Sunday, January 17th

Time: 11 AM - 5 PM

Instructor: Anja Schlotman

Cost: $90

Kit: TBA Materials may be picked up at the store or can be mailed to you. If being mailed, be sure to allow 5-7 days for delivery. International students please contact the store to arrange shipment of the kit. Please allow at list 2 weeks time before the class.

Sunday, January 17th: Winter at Creative Castle (Webinar)

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