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Designed with an innovative and entertaining “O” bead technique inspiring the formation of a dual face concept, it displays the sparkle of about 300 Crystaletts. This piece accommodates personal color preference on each side for a truly “reverse-O-ble” bracelet.

Kit Color Combinations:


Blue & Fuchsia

Copper & Silver

Crystal Confetti & Purple Velvet

Fuchsia & Silver

Blue & Silver

Blue & Copper

Fuchsia & Copper

Crystal Confetti & Blue

Crystal Confetti & Fuchsia

Crystal Confetti & Copper

Crystal Confetti & Silver

Purple Velvet & Blue

Purple Velvet & Fuchsia

Purple Velvet & Copper

Purple Velvet & Silver


Saturday, December 5th

Time: 10:00am - 5:00pm
Instructor: Carla Martins
Kit: $165

Kit will be mailed to you by the designer, be sure to allow 5-7 days for delivery. Shipping charges are not included in a cost of the kit.

Saturday, December 5th: The REVERSE“O”BLE BRACELET Webinar

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