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Dear friends, I invite you to my online course of Photography for Beaders.

When you create your jewelry you invest a lot of your time, your soul and your inspiration in it. Do you want to show it to your friends and many other people? The only way to do so is by posting your photos online.

Are you sure the photos you are used to, really show the full extent of the beauty of your designs? If you want people to fall in love with your jewelry, my course will help you to take perfect photos right at home 👍

You'll learn how to make good compositions, set up lighting, maximize the results using your current device: either smartphone or camera. Moreover, you'll practice on your own pieces and get my professional advice and expertise.

This course lasts 4 weeks in a private Instagram account. Each week I'll post a series of text&video lessons, give you homework, and review it online before posting the next topic. Records of all live sessions will be available as well, and you can always ask me questions in direct messages 👍

In addition you'll have access to all the lessons whenever it's convenient to you, and for 3 months after the course ends.


Call to register or register on line


Date: Saturday, January 16th

Start Time: 10 AM

Instructor: Alla Maslennikova

Cost: $185 for 3 month course 


Saturday, January 16th: Online course of Photography for Beaders.

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